Doppleganger / Great Golden Dragon / Divine Guardians - Update 3

Here is the third big update of MuPhoenix! News and fun are guaranteed, with weekly updates! This week we bring you 1 new event, 4 new sets and 3 Fantastic Bosses!

DouppleGanger Event

DouppleGanger Event - Defend the territory!:

You can enter the event with the invitation Dimensional Mirror which can be obtained by collecting 5 sign of Dimensions. These items are now available on the drop.

Once you have the invitation go to Eveland and speak to Lugard, the NPC in the square. He will take you to another dimension where the event will take place.

There are 4 dimensions (4 different maps) and you will be randomly teleported to one of these. After that you will have to close the event without passing any monsters in the human dimension.

You will get 3 fantastic prizes on completion!

Great Golden Dragon has arrived on MuPhoenix:

The Great Golden Dragon is nicknamed the King of the Golden Dragons! It is much stronger than the other dragons and it differs from the evil aura it releases.

The Great Golden Dragon will appear during the invasion of the golden dragons and there will only be one per invasion. Good luck finding it and defeating it, you will receive the prize you deserve.

The Divine Guardians of Light and Darkness

The new theme of the season!

These 2 new exclusive bosses will be at the center of the new gameplay being developed by the MuPhoenix team!

Today they enter the scene for the first time, from a dimension parallel to the world of MU, The Divine Guardians of light and dark they are natural enemies and they both want to take over and destroy the world of MuOnline trying to become the absolute king, fighting among them and with you warriors.

The guardians' event will be 3 times a day and will appear in random maps that will be announced in the game during the start of the event.

The guardians will be 2 per event and will drop the exclusive sets of this update!


This week, Guardians will try to make an alliance with the leaders of the Light and Dark factions. So as to create an army to defeat the opposing guardian and conquer the kingdom of MU.

In the next updates we will introduce the factions of Light and Darkness where each of you will choose which side to be on. Details will be given soon ...

4 New Sets that complete MuPhoenix's 0.97D season!

I am happy to announce 4 new sets that will enter the world of MU and complete the 0.97D season of the released of this version.

  • Great Dragon
  • Red Spirit
  • Dark Master
  • Storm Crow

Later there will be new exclusive sets that will unlock new game mechanics!