Kalima & Kubera Mine - Update 1

We are happy to announce the first big update after the big server launch. We will show you the full potential of this server and take you to a world of MU unique.

Kalima Event (Kundun Challenge)

The Kalima event is a special map that you can only enter in 2 ways:

  • Combining the Symbol of Kundun to the chaos machine by creating the LostMap
  • Using the Kalima ticket from the shop (Ashes, Gold, Diamond)

Once you have the event ticket you can create a portal and 5 at a time can enter the portal that will take you to Kalima.

Once in Kalima you will have to face the monsters on the map and make your way to find and face the Kundun (the strongest monster in the game).

This monster is so strong that group strategy is the best way to defeat it.

The Kundun drops some of the rarest items in the game such as:

  • Gold Box, Silver Box (Special boxes that you will need a key to open them, imagine how many beautiful things there will be)
  • Ali level 2 (smooth, luck, or even manaloss)
  • Final Weapons (Mace of the king, Phantom Mace, Divine Staff, Viper Bow, etc ...)
  • Lucky amulet (1-5%) more than the chaos machine
  • Final shields

And much more to discover

KuberaMine (Kubera Mines - New Map)

A new special map is coming to the world of MuPhoenix!

Pronounced KuberaMine (Kubera main) are the underground mines of the world of MU, where it turned out there are a lot of precious stones!

In this map the drop of gems is 30 times higher than the other maps, making it the perfect place to grow gems.

However, adventurers, these caves hide strong monsters, the Mu Helper is disabled because it is a very dangerous place.

VIPs will have more chances to drop gems

Infinity Protect - Anti Hack

Our server has been developed over many years and with so much care you have bugs that bring advantages on the game, such as dupe, shadow bug and others.

None of those bugs are present in the game under any circumstances.

But obviously even if people can't find the game bugs that benefit the player by cheating they will always try with external programs

to try to change the information that the game sends to the server (such as the attack speed) or better SpeedHack.

This practice is well known on many games not only MU, it is immediately noticed by other players and brings very unfair advantages.

MuPhoenix is ​​nice to play clean, and sweat to create your favorite character. For this reason, to avoid temptations for more experienced players

We have included a powerful Anti-Hack / Cheat that detects any program that could change game values.

As soon as the program is detected, it will immediately close the game and immediately report the IP and the account and also the name of the program of those who tried to cheat.

All the people who will be listed by the anti-hack will be publicly announced and banned.

Playing clean is the most fascinating thing there is.